8 Tipps von erfolgreichen Entrepreneuren an ihr Jüngeres Selbst

1. Avoid the risk of not trying and the regret of wishing you had
2. Spend wisely early in life so you can achieve the financial independence to follow your dreams
3. Surround yourself with great people and be fearless in pursuit of game-changing ideas
4. Realize the power of simplicity
5. Focus on what makes you truly happy
6. Work as hard as you can, and then work harder
7. Take the time to listen
8. Surround yourself with leaders in your field

Für die kompletten Aussagen http://www.fastcompany.com/3009482/dialed/8-successful-entrepreneurs-give-their-younger-selves-lessons-they-wish-theyd-known-th anklicken

Young Leaders

                                                              Young Leaders

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